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Asset Safety

Your assets protection is always our top priority
1. Monthly assurance by independent external auditor
Rest assured - We recruited an independent external auditor to audit our bank accounts and trades in monthly basis, the report would be sent to your email with the monthly statement.
There is actually no such regulatory requirement for cryptocurrency exchanges in Hong Kong, MYETHSHOP would like to initiate a higher regulatory standard in this industry."
Daily Statement/ Monthly Statement
Clear record - We send a daily statement to your email if there is any transfer-in/ transfer-out / trade; and we send a monthly statement to you every month. Except from a clearer recording of your investment, you could double check the accuracy of the record.
3. Independent Wallet
Asset on your hand - We always advise you to hold the crypto assets at your own wallet; you could create a wallet at our website swiftly, and we offer hardware wallet for sale if you want extra protection.
4. Two Factor Authentication(2FA)
Double protection - You could set up 2FA, a code generated from your Google Authenticator mobile app is needed in addition with your account password to log in.
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